K-CIT-V Plus Cranberry Granules for Cats and Dogs

K-CIT-V plus cranberry granules are the best potassium supplements for cats and dogs. Our brand was the first to be offered specifically for veterinarians and their feline and canine clients. They were developed based on the assumption that both affordability and compliance are critical when offering supplements geared toward the wellbeing of your dogs and cats. Affordability is important because no benefit can come from a supplement that a pet owner cannot afford. Compliance, or the pet’s willingness to eat the supplement, is equally important. After all, a supplement that is never eaten cannot benefit your pet, either. 

Our cranberry supplements for dogs and cats are provided at excellent prices. Even though we were the first to market with potassium supplements for your pets, we have kept our prices affordable so more cats and dogs can benefit from their effects. Additionally, our cranberry granules for cats and dogs are made with a natural chicken flavor that pets love. We’re so sure of this, we offer a 100% palatability guarantee. If your pet doesn’t like the taste of our cranberry bladder support supplements, we will refund your purchase price. We’re that certain your pet will be excited to eat cranberry for dogs and cats.

Calcium oxalate stones are caused by too much calcium or oxalate acid in your pet’s urine. They can also present in urine that is overly acidic. If your pet’s pH level is too low, the stones can actually be a sign of infection. Stones can be very painful for your pet to pass, and if they are too large to pass, you could end up needing to get surgery for your cat or dog. This can be painful for your pet while being incredibly expensive for you. 

K-CIT-V cranberry granules for cats and dogs cannot dissolve stones that are already existing in your pet’s bladder, and they can’t directly prevent stones from forming. What they can do is create an environment within your pet’s bladder that is unwelcoming to the formation of stones. It is your responsibility as a pet owner to do everything you can to promote the health and wellbeing of your dog or cat. Providing K-CIT-V cranberry granules to your canine or feline friend can be a significant action towards fulfilling that responsibility.

If you’re wondering how K-CIT-V cranberry for cats and dogs work, they alkalize your dog’s urine, which means that it is less acidic. They are made of potassium citrate and cranberry extract to support urinary tract and overall bladder health. Before starting to use K-CIT-V cranberry for cats and dogs, make sure to consult your veterinarian. This should be done before starting any supplement regimen for your pets. 

K-CIT-V cranberry granules were developed by Vetpharma professionals and have been available since 2003. You may have seen products like Azo Flora Kidney Support or Cranberry D-Mannose, and you should know that Vetpharma invented the formula and brought it to market first. We’ve kept our prices low for your pet’s benefit.

Our K-CIT-V plus cranberry granules for dogs and cats are now available on Amazon, and at a more affordable cost than you would get from those who have followed us into the market. Order K-CIT-V plus cranberry granules for your dog or cat today to see what a benefit they can be to their urinary tract health!