K-CIT-V Chewable Tablets for Dogs

K-CIT-V is the original chewable potassium citrate supplement designed for the veterinary market. For more than 15 years, V.E.T. Pharmaceuticals has understood that the two most important factors to help enhance the wellbeing of dogs who need supplementation are affordability and compliance. There’s no point in giving your dog a supplement that they refuse to take, whether you put it in their food or offer it as a “treat.” At the same time, there’s no point in offering urinary support supplements to dogs that aren’t affordable for dog owners. 

That’s where K-CIT-V comes in. K-CIT-V chewable tablets are beef flavored (artificially) for your dog’s preference. They happily chew the supplements, and if they don’t, our palatability guarantee means we will refund your price. But that likely won’t be a problem, because dogs love our bladder support supplements. In addition, we offer great prices, so you can afford to help regulate your dog’s bladder health

Dogs are prone to calcium oxalate stones if they are excreting too much calcium or oxalate acid in their urine. These stones can also be found in normal urine if it’s overly acidic. In addition, the stones can indicate an infection if the pH in the dog’s urine is too low. Once the stones are formed, the solution can be painful for your dog and can cost a great deal. Surgery may be indicated in particularly severe cases. The best way to avoid this drastic measure is to do everything you can to discourage the formation of calcium oxalate stones in the first place. 

K-CIT-V is made of potassium citrate, which helps to alkalize your dog’s urine in order to make it less acidic. While K-CIT-V chewable potassium citrate tablets cannot dissolve already existing calcium oxalate stones or directly prevent stones from forming, it can make the urine less acidic. This more alkaline environment discourages the formation of calcium oxalate stones. At the same time, K-CIT-V aids in maintaining a healthy urinary pH in your dog’s bladder and supports overall bladder health. 

It’s important to discuss new bladder support supplements for dogs with a vet before giving them to your pet, so be sure you do so before purchasing K-CIT-V chewable tablets. When you do, be sure to  mention some of the advantages, such as the fact that there are no allergens like soy, corn, fish, or wheat in K-CIT-V potassium supplements for dogs. The product is made safely under NASC, cGMP, and USDA guidelines, so you can be confident in the quality of all K-CIT-V products, including our chewable potassium citrate tablets for dogs.

K-CIT-V was invented by Vetpharma in 2003 by professionals with more than 30 years of combined experience in pet health. If you’ve used products like Cranberry D-Mannose or Azo Flora Kidney Support, you may find it interesting that Vetpharma actually invented the formula and was first to market with these formulations. 

Now you can purchase our chewable potassium citrate supplements for dogs directly from Amazon, and at more affordable prices than from those who have followed us into the market.

Purchase K-CIT-V potassium citrate chewable tablet supplements for your dog today and see what a difference V.E.T. Pharmaceuticals can make!