K-CIT-V potassium citrate products were developed to help prevent your dog or cat from developing calcium oxalate stones within their bladder. Our products also aid in maintaining a healthy urinary pH. Finally, K-CIT-V products are designed help to support your pet’s overall bladder health. 

V.E.T. Pharmaceuticals has been producing K-CIT-V potassium supplements for dogs and cats since 2003, more than 15 years ago. In fact, if you use products like Pala-Tech or K-Plus potassium citrate for pets, you should know that we invented the solution and were the first on the market with our K-CIT-V potassium citrate chewables for dogs and granules for cats and dogs. 

There are three specific K-CIT-V products as detailed here:


  • K-CIT-V Potassium Tablets – These tablets contain 640 mg of potassium citrate per tablet and are great for dogs. They are artificially beef flavored, so you can give them to your dog as part of their regular food or even as a treat. 


  • K-CIT-V Cranberry Chewable Tablets – These cranberry pills for dogs have 640 mg of potassium citrate and also include 115 mg of cranberry extract per tablet. Cranberry adds additional support to your dog’s urinary tract health.


  • K-CIT-V Plus Cranberry Granules – The granules are the perfect cranberry supplement for cats or dogs and contain a natural chicken flavor that pets love. Mix as many scoops as the directions call for with your pet’s regular food and see them eat it up. The granules help support bladder and urinary tract health just like the tablets.

All K-CIT-V products contain a 100% palatability guarantee. This means that if your dog or cat won’t eat their supplement, we will return your full purchase price. We are that confident your pet will love their supplement, but we understand that some pets may be choosier than others. With our guarantee, there’s no reason to worry whether your pet will like the supplements or not.

If you have seen other, similar products online, you will notice that we have also kept our prices low. Despite being the original provider of potassium citrate supplements for cats and dogs, we offer our products at a lower price than other suppliers because we believe that a supplement that dog or cat owners can’t afford won’t do any good for the pets that we strive to serve.

Dogs and cats are both prone to getting calcium oxalate stones if they are excreting too much calcium or oxalate acid in their urine. At the same time, these types of stones can be found in normal urine if there’s a great deal of acidity. The potassium citrate helps to alkalize your pet’s urine so as to discourage the formation of the stones. 

Calcium oxalate stones can be very painful for your pet to pass, and in severe cases, surgery may even be indicated. They’re a very painful and potentially costly problem that you want to do whatever you can to avoid. K-CIT-V products can help with that.

Now you can purchase our potassium citrate supplements for dogs and cats directly from Amazon. Order your pet’s K-CIT-V supplement today and see what a difference it can make!