K-CIT-V Plus Cranberry Chewable Tablets for Dogs

K-CIT-V cranberry tablets are the first chewable potassium supplements created for veterinarians and their canine customers. V.E.T. Pharmaceuticals understands there are two essential aspects when considering the health and welfare of dogs who need bladder support supplements: compliance and affordability. First, there’s no use trying to give your dog a supplement that they won’t take. Then there’s no point in providing urinary support supplements to dogs if they’re not affordable for the dog’s owners. 

This is why K-CIT-V cranberry is the best product on the market. Our cranberry pills for dogs are offered at great prices. Additionally, our chewable tablets are artificially beef flavored so your dog will love them. Dogs are excited to get their supplements, which can be given to them with their regular meal or as a treat—that’s how delicious they are.

If your dog doesn’t like the taste of our bladder support supplements, we will return your purchase price through our 100% palatability guarantee. There’s no downside to ordering our cranberry supplements for dogs

If a dog excretes excess amounts of calcium or oxalate acid in their urine, they can end up with calcium oxalate stones. The stones can also occur in normal urine that’s too acidic. The stones can be the sign of an infection if the pH in your dog’s urine is low. The solution can be painful for your dog and expensive for you. Surgery can be required for severe cases. While there’s no way to definitely prevent painful, expensive surgery, you can do all you can to inhibit the formation of calcium oxalate stones in the first place.

K-CIT-V cranberry tablets for dogs are made of potassium citrate. This works to alkalize your dog’s urine, making it less acidic. K-CIT-V cranberry potassium supplements for dogs cannot directly prevent stones from forming or dissolve calcium oxalate stones that have already formed. What they do is create a more alkaline environment, which inhibits the formation of the stones. In addition, K-CIT-V cranberry supplements help keep a healthy urinary pH in your dog’s bladder while supporting their general bladder health.

Before you start a supplemental regimen for your dog, be sure to consult a veterinarian. You may want to point out that the supplements are made in alignment with cGMP, USDA, and NASC guidelines. No allergens are included in K-CIT-V cranberry for dogs. You can be certain that the quality of K-CIT-V products is top of the line, including our chewable cranberry potassium citrate tablets for dogs

Professionals at Vetpharma with more than 30 years of experience in the field created K-CIT-V cranberry in 2003. Maybe you’ve seen or used products like Azo Flora Kidney Support or Cranberry D-Mannose before. You should know that Vetpharma is the group that originally invented the formula and was the first pet health company to offer these formulations.

Our chewable cranberry tablets for dogs are now available on Amazon, and at more affordable prices than you can get from those who have followed us into the market. Order K-CIT-V cranberry tablets for your dog today to see how big an advantage V.E.T. Pharmaceuticals can be!